What To Do After You Receive An Offer

For many young athletes, receiving an offer to play sports collegiately can be life-changing. In most scenarios, these teenagers have spent their entire lives working towards this moment, so the first inclination might be to accept it without much thought. However, that type of short-sightedness can really come back to hurt an unassuming athlete if[…]

What Are Your Chances Of Making It To The NFL? Warning: This will make you sick!

If you don’t think your education is important, think about the following image (Warning: This may make you feel sick): The above image is about 2 years old, but currently there are 1,085,272 high school football players in America.  7.0% become NCAA Football players and 1.5% are lucky enough to get to the NFL. Although[…]

2 reasons why you need to visit a college campus.

    Two reasons why you need to visit a college campus. Choosing a school can be both a stressful and exciting time in a young student-athlete’s life. There are endless variations among schools out there. Each campus has its own small (or not so small) culture and way of life. As a prospective new[…]

3 Ways To Improve Your Stamina and Get A Competitive Edge

Improving your stamina in 3 simple steps Coaches want intelligent, powerful athletes capable of being playmakers for their teams, as well as grinding through all the dirty work on each and every down. Let’s face it, if you can do your job longer than your opponent without becoming mentally and physically fatigued, you’ve got a[…]

Inside An FBS Recruiting Meeting

We get a lot of questions regarding how coaches evaluate prospects highlight film and what is discussed during the process.  What goes on behind closed doors? Below is a great example of how your highlight film is discussed during recruiting meetings. If you do not pop out right away, coaches will move on to the[…]