3 Ways To Improve Your Stamina and Get A Competitive Edge

Improving your stamina in 3 simple steps Coaches want intelligent, powerful athletes capable of being playmakers for their teams, as well as grinding through all the dirty work on each and every down. Let’s face it, if you can do your job longer than your opponent without becoming mentally and physically fatigued, you’ve got a[…]

S. Scouting and Rating System

Via Scout Inc. The beauty of football is how it evolves from year to year, with new schemes and trends always emerging. No position reflects this better than safety. Most programs used to recruit big physical safeties that would intimidate receivers over the middle and be especially effective in the run game. These guys were[…]

CB Scouting and Rating System

Via Scout Inc. College coaches and recruiters are smart. While they’ve been upgrading the size at wide receiver, they’ve also been looking to biggie-size the cornerbacks who cover them. Demand for size has become a huge factor, largely because of the red zone. Big wide receivers will take advantage of short corners, and although coverage[…]

DL Scouting and Rating System

Defensive Line Grading System Against run: Are they one- or two-gap linemen? Are they strong at the point of attack? Can they ward off blocks? Pass rush: Are they power rushers or finesse rushers? What pass rush moves do they show, and do they vary? Are they able to get good, consistent penetration?

OL Scouting and Rating System

Via Scout Inc.   OL Grading System Initial quicks: Are they quick when coming off the ball? Do they have good footwork? Are they faster than the DL? Run block: Do they control the opposition at the point of attack? Are they balanced? Do they play with leverage? Pass block: Do they have good footwork?[…]

WR Scouting and Rating System

Wide Receiver Grading System Hands: How is their overall concentration on easy and tough catches? Do they have soft hands? Do they body catch too often? Can they snatch the ball when thrown outside their frame? Patterns: Are their cuts sharp and crisp? Do they show good body control or do they look awkward?

RB Scouting and Rating System

Via Scout Inc. Speed kills. Unfortunately, much like the wide receiver position, the evaluation of the running back position at the high school level is often entirely based on speed. However, qualities such as quickness through the hole, run vision, pick and slide skills, balance and change of direction skills are every bit as important.[…]

QB Scouting and Rating System

Via Scout Inc. A good QB prospect must have at least adequate arm strength and show good zip on the ball. The deep comeback route is the best measurement of arm strength – if the quarterback can deliver the comeback throw on a rope and without a lot of arc, his arm strength is at[…]