December 21, 2016



PSR Scouting Showcase


Q: What will I get out of a PSR Scouting Showcase?
A: PSR Scouting Showcases are designed to put athletes through college specific scouting drills that will assist colleges in their evaluations of an athlete.  We verify an athletes Height/Weight. Athletes will then be put through individual position specific workouts designed to give colleges an in person look at your skill set at your position. Finally, athletes will run through 1 on 1 competition to put your skills up against top competition in your area and prove to colleges that you can play.

Q: Will there be colleges in attendance?
A: YES.  PSR has gone through compliance offices to get approval for DI FCS, DII, and DIII College Coaches to be in attendance during the spring evaluation period. Coaches can evaluate you during these workouts which is in compliance with the NCAA Guidelines. We also stream each showcase Live so that coaches from all over the country can view and evaluate you!

Q: What happens with my results?
A: Athletes will be featured in the PSR Scouting Book which is downloaded by over 2000 college coaches Nationwide. Athletes will be added to this before and after the workout. 

Q: What is the PSR Scouting Book?
A: The PSR Scouting Book is packed with over 1,000 athlete scouting reports and information for colleges to utilize during the recruiting process.  Coaches can learn about and evaluate prospects, while also downloading prospects they are interested in directly from this book to their offices.

Q: How many athletes can attend the Showcase?
A: PSR sets a limit on the number of athletes that can attend.  Each workout will have a maximum of 50 prospects to ensure that athletes are getting enough reps and that athletes are receiving the best possible evaluation without being overlooked.  

Q: Who does PSR share my information with?
A: PSR puts the athletes at the top of the list!  Before you attend a workout, PSR will evaluate your film and share it with colleges in the division you match to prep them on your attendance.  After your workout, PSR will assist you in sharing your results and recruiting information with the initial colleges, plus others that you match after your evaluation. We will also provide information to Rivals, Scout and 247 Sports Media and Nike for consideration to their events. 

Q: Why else should I attend?
A: Besides going against top competition in your area, there are many other benefits.  The workout is organized by a former Division ! FBS Recruiting and Camp Asst. that knows college coaches and what they would like to see.  This will provide you with one of the top opportunitties to enhance your recruitment.  

Q: How does a player get nominated for a PSR Scouting Workout?
A: Athletes can nominate themselves via our Recruiting Form here.  High School Coaches can send in recommendations through the Coach's Form here.


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