The 2017 PSR Camps saw over 500 athletes compete in Individual Drills, 1on1's, 7on7's, and 11on11's.  There were a combined 60 Colleges in attendance and over 3000 college coach submissions for athlete data.  

We currently have 85 Confirmed Colleges and over 1500 athlete submissions for interest in attending a 2018 Camp.  Due to its competitveness, we are now opening up early registration.  Camps close at 150 registrations.

Event Information

In 2018, athletes will put their skills on display, performing a variety of workouts and drills at a PSR Spring Showcase in front of Division I, II, and III college coaches.  Similar to a spring evaluation when a coach visits an athlete at their high school, PSR schedules coaches to attend a showcase live to evaluate prospects.

PSR Showcases are 2 day events filled with top competition.  Athletes will compete in Individual position specific drills, 1on1, 7on7, 11on11, Speed, and Athleticism drills.

A PSR Spring Showcase is the top evaluation showcase on the East Coast and receives NCAA Compliance to help athletes get a legitimate evaluation.

A PSR Showcase offers athletes an opportunity to learn about what critical position factors coaches evaluate and run through position specific drills to display these factors in front of coaches.  Athletes will dramatically improve their exposure.

PSR Showcase

Compete against top competition

Individual, 1on1, 7on7, 11on11 Drills

Combine Testing

College Coaches In Attendance

Top Position Coaches Instructing You

Athlete Data, Results, Eval shared with Colleges

We Change How You Are Evaluated

✔Compete Against Top Competition

✔College Coaches In Attendance To Eval

✔Athlete Data and Results Shared With Colleges


Athletes will sign in and get their official PSR "Playmaker" workout shirt.

Then PSR will take your Photo, Height, Weight, Hand Size, and Arm Length for the coaches roster.



Athletes will run through a proper warm up session learned from Rutgers Football.



Athletes will have the opportunity to run through many speed and athleticism drills that are verified by the PSR coaching staff and reported to college coaches.



Athletes will run through position specific drills (QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB) to evaluate critical factors.  Learn new techniques and put your skills on display.


1on1, 7on7, 11on11 COMPETITION

Our final and favorite part of the showcase!  QB/WR Vs. DB, RB Vs. LB, OL Vs. DL  and then team competition to simulate a live action game situation.

If you would like to be considered, get evaluated using the form below: