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In 2017, athletes will put their skills on display, performing a variety of workouts and drills at a PSR Spring Showcase in front of Division I, II, and III college coaches.  Similar to a spring evaluation when a coach visits an athlete at their high school, PSR schedules coaches to attend a showcase live to evaluate prospects.

A PSR Spring Showcase is the top evaluation showcase on the East Coast and receives NCAA Compliance to help athletes get a legitimate evaluation.

A PSR Showcase offers athletes an opportunity to learn about what critical position factors coaches evaluate and run through position specific drills to display these factors in front of coaches.  Athletes will dramatically improve their exposure. 

Roster spots are very competitive and fill up fast.  If you received an invite, please register at your earliest convenience.

Date Market Location Time
7/14/17 New Jersey TCNJ Campus 6:00 PM
7/15/17 Massachusetts Anna Maria College 3:00 PM
7/22/17 Maryland Bullis School 1:00 PM


Athletes will sign in and get their official PSR "Playmaker" workout shirt.

Then PSR will take your Photo, Height, Weight, Hand Size, and Arm Length for the coaches roster.



Athletes will run through a proper warm up session learned from Rutgers Football.



Athletes will run through position specific drills (QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB) to evaluate critical factors.  Learn new techniques and put your skills on display.



Our final and favorite part of the showcase!  QB/WR Vs. DB, RB Vs. LB, and OL Vs. DL.

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Q: What will I get out of a PSR Scouting Showcase?
A: PSR Scouting Showcases are designed to put athletes through college specific scouting drills that will assist colleges in their evaluations of an athlete.  We verify an athletes Height/Weight. Athletes will then be put through individual position specific workouts designed to give colleges an in person look at your skill set at your position. Finally, athletes will run through 1 on 1 competition to put your skills up against top competition in your area and prove to colleges that you can play.

Q: Will there be colleges in attendance?
A: YES.  PSR has gone through compliance offices to get approval for DI FCS, DII, and DIII College Coaches to be in attendance during the spring evaluation period. Coaches can evaluate you during these workouts which is in compliance with the NCAA Guidelines. We also stream each showcase Live so that coaches from all over the country can view and evaluate you!

Q: What is an evaluation in terms of the NCAA?
A: An evaluation day is defined as one coach engaged in the evaluation of any prospective student athlete on one day (12:01 a.m. to midnight); two coaches making evaluations on the same day shall use two evaluation days. The combined total of such days for all staff members shall not exceed 42 days.

Live athletic evaluations may be conducted at scholastic OR non-scholastic events, provided there is no institutional involvement in arranging or directing such activities. Also, coaches may attend a recruiting event other than such activities in which information (e.g. athletics or academic credentials, highlight videos) related to recruits is presented or otherwise made available. (Bylaw

Q: What happens with my results?
A: Athletes will be featured in the PSR Scouting Book which is downloaded by over 2000 college coaches Nationwide. Athletes results and film will also be shared with college coaches not in attendance. 

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"In my opinion PSR is far more advanced than most recruiting companies out there. Profiles set up for the athletes are thorough and user friendly. Always promoting their athletes to get them exposure. They have the relationships and contact information with the colleges and universities, Which is crucial....you can be a talented athlete but if no one knows who you are, you will lose out.  PSR makes sure your information is up to date and even writes reviews and grades the athletes, including this on the profile. Very hands on.  I've spent far more money with other recruiting coaches and received far less promotion and exposure. PSR is certainly in a category by themselves. Thank you Coach Nick for all you've done and continue to do for Preston Norwood, c/o 2017 Mill Creek High School."

Michael Norwood (Father of WR Preston Stone, Multiple Offers) GA

"We’ve know Nick for three years. The football recruiting landscape is crowded with people involved with the recruiting process.  Nick stands tall among that group as someone you can count on to do exactly what he commits to do."

Ted Stone (Father of Lindell Stone, Virginia Commit) VA

"I completely recommend, if you have an athlete who is currently playing football in high school and who wants to be recruited, to get advice and assistance from Mr. Pennisi of PSR Recruiting. They Possess the experience and knowledge to help parents and their children through the very complicated recruiting process.  I highly recommend their services."

Mike Lacilento (Father of OL Michael Lacilento, Multiple Offers) CA