College Coaches In Attendance

College coaches will be at the PSR Summer Finals to instruct athletes in dynamic drills.  Learn and take away key pointers to get better at your position.  If you are going to do one thing this summer, it better be improving as an athlete. With the PSR Summer Finals, you will do that!


 PSR Summer Showcase

Event Information

What Will You Do At A PSR Summer Final?

Finals Headshot - Official headshot added to your college database profile

Verified Height/Weight/Arm Length - Results added to the PSR college database



 40 Yard Dash - indicator of speed and acceleration

10 / 20 Yard Splits - measurement of "Football Speed" How fast a prospect can cover first 10/20 yards of their 40. 

3 Cone Drill - indicator of agility, quickness, change of direction, body control.

L Cone Drill - indicator of a player's quickness and ability to change direction

Broad Jump - indicator of lower body strength and explosion 


  Individual Drills/Prep - Run through position drills to improve and showcase your talent.  Prep for 1on1's.

1 vs.1 Competition - Compete against top competition in your area.  It is you vs. your opponent, filmed!

Recruiting Seminar - Parents and athletes can learn about the best practices to increase your recruiting exposure.  Coaches employed at a camp or clinic can have recruiting conversations with prospects participating in camps and clinics and requires educational sessions at all camps and clinics detailing initial eligibility standards, gambling rules, agent rules and drug regulations.


Why Should You Attend?

*Compete with college coaches instructing you! *All athletes will have their data entered in to the PSR Scouting Database which is utilized by over 400 College Football programs to evaluate talent.  *This is a premiere camp to have your results and data seen by hundreds of additional colleges that you cannot make it to this summer.  *This is another opportunity for you to record your times and showcase your abilities.  Take every opportunity with a proven source.  *Top talent in the region to compete against in combine drills and 1on1's.  *Recruiting media covering top performers  *Ratings and comparisons to others at your position/overall  *Filmed to cover your top moments 


Saturday July 1st - New Jersey

Saturday July 8th - Massachusetts

Saturday July 15th - Maryland



Q: What will I get out of a PSR Finals Event?
A: These events are designed to put athletes through essential football testing drills that help colleges gain a proper evaluation of an athlete.  We verify an athletes Height/Weight/Hand Size/Arm Length as well as record electronic times for the all important 40 yard dash, the 10 and 20 yard splits (which determine a players actual football speed and not many combines will provide to you or colleges), 3 Cone Drill, L Cone Drill, and the Broad Jump. We will provide you with ratings and best fit college division based on your data.  You will also be assisted after the event through our database knowing which colleges have viewed your information from the event.

Q: What if I have a college camp schedule conflict?
A: PSR has multiple dates to choose from in order to get to a Finals event.  However, if you cannot make any of the dates, PSR will schedule a time to come to your HS to record testing numbers.

Q: How man runs do you receive?
A: Athletes will be allowed (2) total runs at each drill and we will take the best of the 2.  

Q: What is the benefit in attending to run through combine drills?
A: PSR is a reliable source of data to hundreds of college football programs.  Colleges only use compliant and reliable sources for these important athletic testing numbers.  PSR is a source that will not only provide you the most accurate times, but also add you to our database that is downloaded by over 500 college programs!  We are with you every step of the way!  Any opportunity you get to improve on your numbers and gain exposure for a possible scholarship, you need to take advantage.

Q: Who can attend this event?
A: This event is open to all 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 football prospects.

Q: What is the cost and what am I getting?
A: The cost for this event is $89.99.  We will run you through essential football drills, provide you with ratings based on your times, a football division fit, and add/track you in our massive, reliable database used by college football programs.  

Q: What if Im not happy with my testing numbers?
A: If an athlete does not want to stand on the numbers from the event, we will not add them to the database and share them.  We will allow you to run an additional drill circuit to improve on those numbers. 

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