Coach Damian Mincey @Coach_Mince54 enters his second season as the University at Albany football program’s running backs coach.  He has also attended a few PSR Showcase events.

Mincey came from Pace and from 2006-2011, Mincey was on the University of Massachusetts football staff, working as assistant linebackers coach (2006-07), linebackers coach (2008-2010) and tight ends coach (2011). He also assisted with coaching special teams.  He has plenty of experience to learn from,

I sat down with Coach Mincey to pick his brain on some basic recruiting questions and here is what he had to say:

Nick Pennisi: What should athletes be doing during this stage of the recruiting process? 

Coach Mincey:  They should be taking unofficial visits to the places that are really recruiting them.

In other words, athletes shouldnt be wasting time and money visiting colleges that arent showing interest or actively recruiting them.  That will lead to frustration.  Take the time to find out who is interested and who is recruiting you. 

Need to know where you will get interest from?  Fill this out http://playmakersource.com/evaluation

Nick Pennisi: What should an athlete do if not yet on your radar?

Coach Mincey: Send all of your information. SAT, stats, transcripts, and film.  Best way is by email!

Nick Pennisi:  What are traits you look for in athletes that Albany/Pace recruited?

Coach Mincey:  Good attitudes, work ethic, tries hard in school, responsive to coaching and recruiting.

Nick Pennisi: Do you have cutoffs when it comes to athletes measurements / speed/ agility?

Coach Mincey:  Some guys do. Offenive Line 6’2, Offensive Center 6’1, Linebacker 6′ is ideal, but 5’10 is ok.  It’s all about how he balls. DB’s I like taller but again depends on how he plays. We look for effort in game film. Highlights are good but we NEED game tape. Want fast athletes but it all varies by position.

Nick Pennisi:  When are your camps and what should athletes do before during after your camp to earn attention?

Coach Mincey:  Camps are July 21 and July 27 plus PSR Showcase June 26th.  Athletes, They should let us know that they plan on coming (phone/email). Show high effort and energy while there and follow up and be able to take real advice and critiques.

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