Ive known Coach Greg Frantz for a few years now.  He has been a great supporter of the PSR Showcase and remains a great individual to learn the game from.

Greg begins his first season on College Hill  as the special teams and recruiting coordinator at Lafayette.

Frantz spent the last three seasons at SUNY Cortland in a similar capacity. He last coached the Red Dragons’ wide receivers while also working as the special teams coordinator and recruiting coordinator. He previously served as the tight ends coach for two seasons (2015-16). On special teams, Cortland had an All-American each of the last three seasons while also featuring the 2018 Special Teams Player of the Year.

Recruiting Areas: Northeast Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine

Once again, I had the pleasure of talking with Coach Frantz about recruiting so that you guys can learn about the process.

Nick Pennisi: What should athletes be doing during this stage of the recruiting process?

Coach Frantz:  Right now it’s camp season and it’s all about choosing the right ones. The most important thing is getting in front of the coaches that have showed the most interest in you (personalized emails, DM’s, visiting your school, etc). If the interest is mutual on your end then you should attend one of the school’s camps. This proves your high interest in that particular school.

Attending “Mega” Camps can be great because there will be a lot of coaches from programs at every level attending. The most important thing with these mega camps is that they can easily turn into “meat markets” so you MUST let the coaches know that you are attending and be proactive and go up to them if you see them during the camp.

Need to know where you will get interest from?  Fill this out http://playmakersource.com/evaluation

Nick Pennisi: What should an athlete do if not yet on your radar?

Coach Frantz:  For any athlete who is not on our radar but has an interest in our program they should reach out to the Area Recruiting Coach, the Position Coach, and the Recruiting Coordinator. In most cases this will be overkill but sending it to all three of those coaches almost guarantees it will get to the right person. Emailing and DM’ing on Twitter are the most effective forms.

When you contact a coach you should provide Your Name, High School, Contact Info, Academic Info, Ht, Wt, Position and Highlight Film.

Nick Pennisi:  What are traits you look for in athletes that you have recruited?

Coach Frantz:  The first traits we look for are all off the field. Our number one thing here at Lafayette is simple, we want guys who love football. When you love football everything else takes care of itself because without taking care of business academically, socially, in the weight room, etc football can be taken away. If you truly love football, you won’t let that happen.

On the field, each position has it’s own unique skill sets that we look for but one thing that we believe is critical for every player to have no matter what position they play is change of direction. Every player who steps on the field needs to be able to move laterally, start, stop and start again.

Nick Pennisi: Do you have cutoffs when it comes to athletes measurements / speed/ agility?

Coach Frantz:  W e do have certain size and speed cut offs for our prospects but we also have what we call the “despite” factor. If a guy can ball despite meeting a “requirement” we will talk the baller. At the end of the day it’s cool to meet the size/speed standards but its all about on field production!

Nick Pennisi:  When are your camps and what should athletes do before during after your camp to earn attention?

Coach Frantz:  Our remaining camps are June 20, July 18 and July 19. The biggest things to do at camps is to be coach-able and go all out in everything you do. The worst thing for us to see is a player who doesn’t pay attention and who doesn’t finish. After camp you should remain in contact with the coaches and feel free to ask them how you did and if your performance change your position on the recruiting board.  

Nick Pennisi:  How does it go for you on the road scouting/recruiting, how do you plan it all, how does it start for you guys?

Coach Frantz:  The beginning of the recruiting cycle for us begins in the winter. Each coach has a designated recruiting area and as we are finalizing that year’s class we are also gathering information on the next year’s class so that when we hit the road in the spring we have an idea of who our top prospects are in that area. Once we get off the road we meet as a full offensive and defensive staff to create our recruiting boards at each position.

As previously mentioned, getting the right type of guy is the most important part of our recruiting process. All throughout recruiting we are building relationships and learning who these prospects are and which one’s fit our program and what we want at each position. Prospects will always ask us “what do I need to do for an offer?” and in our opinion that is the final step of the process. First is checking your academics, making sure you can succeed at our institution as a student. Next is are you our kind of guy, does your character check out as someone who loves football. Then the scholarship offer comes last.

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Nick Pennisi:  Tell me and potential recruits about Lafayette.

Coach Frantz:  What potential student athletes need to know about Lafayette College is that we provide you with the quintessential student athlete experience. Participating at the Division 1 level in the Patriot League we have the ability to provide our student athletes with full athletic scholarships that can be valued at over a quarter of a million dollars. Academically we are an elite institution that is recognized as the 36th best Liberal Arts College and is home to some the best Engineering and Science programs in the country. Lafayette is also recognized for it’s Return on Investment and Average Salaries for graduates, recently ranking as high as #2 in the United States. Choosing Lafayette College is more than a decision, it’s a life changing decision.

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