Get the 2019 PSR College Recruiting Pack

PSR offers its Ultimate College Recruiting Pack!  A popular product proven to help athletes ramp up their recruiting.  Many athletes use this tool to take recruiting in to their own hands and contact colleges on their own.

You will receive 

Over 2500 College Coach Contacts

College Football Program Information

College Football Recruiting Questionnaires

Recruiting Tips / Templates / To Do

One-Time, Personalized Note To All College Programs About You From Coach Pennisi

“The recruiting pack is something we get every year to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep in touch with colleges”

“We purchased the college recruiting pack and instally saw a return on our investment.  We didnt have to find college info on our own.  You get it all in one place and Coach Nick works hard to provide this for our son!  Its worth it.

College Recruiting Pack $15 – $50

College Coach Contact Information

Recruiting Questionnaires

Recruiting Tips and Templates

Intro to each college from coach Nick Pennisi

Select Your Colleges

Get Your Opportunity with a Proven Service

Coach Nick and PSR have helped hundreds of athletes improve at their position and increase their chances of being recruited.  With PSR you will get a personal and professional service assisting you through a once in a lifetime opportunity to continue playing the sport you love.  With Nick’s dedication and 14 years of college recruiting experience, you will open up recruiting opportunites

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Who Receives Athlete Info?

PSR has relationships with college coaching staffs and media.  Colleges and media will collect athletic information to continue their evaluation process.

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